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Our Philosophy

At Football Without Borders, Kenya, we believe that football has the power to change lives.

Our programs are designed to foster positive development in children and young people while promoting healthy lifestyles and social cohesion.

Through our sport-based initiatives, we aim to break down barriers and create opportunities for children and young people from all backgrounds. We provide training in life and employability skills, helping young people to develop the skills and confidence they need to lead a positive life.

Our programs also address a range of social challenges, including drug and alcohol abuse, gender-based violence, teenage pregnancy, and period poverty.

Holistic Approach

Our project is a holistic approach aiming for all round Development Of persons with different abilities,their sustainable livehood, rehabilitation And integration into society And making them capable Of participation in mainstream development processes.


To successfully engage and improve the young people’s interest, participation and investment in modern and sustainable.

To encourage the youth to lift themselves and the community out of poverty and create food security which is one of the most important sustainable goals.

Equip youth with vocational agricultural and business skills.

Empower youth, women and the community at large to be more economical so that they can create self-employment and earn income.

To protect the environment through safe and sustainable methods of farming