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School Programs


This year has seen the start and growth of all our school based programs including agriculture, tree planting, WASH and learning how to make reusable sanitary towels and many others. We supported schools by providing all equipment needed including sewing machines, balls, bibs and uniforms. We also did our very first workshop with Rera Primary School where we used small sided games to impact useful skills.

After school learning

We have made large strides in ensuring our youth stay focused on their studies even when they are away from school. We so far have books and even laptops to ensure holistic learning. We know and appreciate the importance of a library in building and sustaining a healthy community. Our community library ensures that there is a balance Between sports,impacting life skills and education. The present of the library has ensured After school reading Preparation for exams during holidays and weekends. Youth remain engaged Proper and steady child development Provision of educational resources for people out of school e.g. on current affairs, politics and arts.