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Life On The ball

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Life on the Ball is FWB’s health education program with the goal of making individuals and communities responsible for halting the spread of HIV/AIDS amongst high-risk populations and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS. Football Without Borders creates and shares effective sports-based educational and health interventions through the support of Coaches Across Continents(USA), its football and health education partner.
empowerment of girls
girl empowerment model
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Nyako Nyalo is FWB’s empowerment program for girls.  The program seeks to create a world where girls and women lead dignified lives as valued equals. 

Program Pathways

Sport Leadership: Training young girls in a range of leadership roles such as coaching, refereeing, peer educators, first aiders and youth peer providers.

Sexual Reproductive Health Rights: Peer education training on sexual reproductive health rights through monthly Girl Empowerment Clubs and weekly sports integrated life skills activities.

Gender Intelligence : Gender intelligence and education to encourage tolerance of all people.

Education & Economic Empowerment :Economic empowerment to improve livelihoods of girls through career guidance and business skills training. Education to improve numeracy and literacy skills is supported through provision of After Schools Homework Clubs.

football 4 agriculture

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Football 4 Agriculture program aims to use football as a tool to attract vulnerable youth aged between 10-23 years to engage in football, agriculture, agribusiness and lifeskills training. The program aims to address the following goals:

Improve food security in rural households in Kisii County, Nyanza Region through development of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge among youths

Increase youth engagement in agriculture through vocational skills development

Improve youth nutrition by supplementing school feeding programs with fresh products and increasing children’s knowledge of nutrition

fwb academy

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FWB Academy is our sport development program that provides opportunities for youth in various sporting codes such as football, boxing/kickboxing and netball.

FWB Academy provides volunteer coaches with sports equipment to coordinate effective sports training programs in the community. We also provide professional development for our coaches through coach education programs in their respective sports codes and social development courses.

Learning through football

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Learning Through Football is an initiative set up to use the popularity of sport, particularly football, to provide a sports-based teaching curriculum by coordinating after-school study support programs. The program focuses on improving numeracy, literacy and IT skills. Practical learning using sports is an effective way to get youth interested in their academic work and make the processing of learning new skills fun.

volunteer exchange

Educational Travel: Each transformation experience focuses on global citizens and allows the Sustainable Global Development Goals to be addressed using football as a level playing field. Every educational journey has growth activities.

Football : Activities that allow volunteers to experience the power of the game known as “the world’s most common language.”

Culture : Activities that allow volunteers to experience what life is like for people in your host community.

Education : Activities that focus on 21st century learning skills such as grit, initiative and critical thinking through a blend of collaborative workshops and hands-on experiences with local people.

Volunteer Engagement : Recruitment, management and retention of all volunteers serving the organization.
The Sports Travel & Community Tourism is our volunteer exchange program in partnership with AIESEC( an international students volunteers program.) This experience provides volunteers an opportunity to visit Kenya and initiate a sports and community project for disadvantaged children and young people in marginalized communities and be able to link the project to their home area.  Meeting people from other countries, other generations and other social classes gives volunteers the opportunity to experience other cultures in an adventurous way

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The Sports Travel & Community Tourism is our volunteer exchange program in partner with AISEC which is an opportunity to visit Kenya and initiate a sports and community project for disadvantaged children and young people in marginalized communities and be able to link the project to your home area.

This is a big chance to create exchange opportunities, and to some of you, this will be an opportunity of a life time to experience the wonders of South Africa and Africa and be able to provide opportunities in a different country through fun and organized sports events. Meeting people of other countries, of another generation. Social class and the desire to understand other cultures is adventurous and the benefits

Community Collaboration

Sport Travel & Community Tourism is a journey of personal development that uses sports particularly football to understand the challenges the world faces and how we can solve them. We use the game to create a level playing field between yourself and your destination.

Impact: Our program is just not a volunteer program but its an opportunity for local host community to get human resources to scale their social impact.Every experience creates a measurable social impact you can touch and see with your own eyes

fwb sports safehub


A) Physical place of safety:
The Sports Safe-Hub aims to provide , youth friendly, energetic atmosphere. It consists of an indoor and an outdoor space placed at the centre of urban/sub-urban slum areas and aims to achieve a significant improvement in the lives of slum dwellers. The infrastructure will consist containerised infrastructure from second hand shipping containers 12x3m and artificial turf field (including floodlights) designed to provide space for multiple service providers.
It hosts: - Holistic Programme Model (football-based)
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FWB Sports Safehub is one of our community development programs which focuses on infrastructure development in the communities where we operate. A Sports Safe-Hub is a physically and emotionally safe space where young people access services, opportunities and support from strong role models through a football-based program system focusing on health, safety, education, and employability.

Sports Safe-Hub containerised infrastructures are placed at the centre of hotspots in sub urban/informal areas.  The program responds to social problems such as teenage pregnancy, early school dropouts, crime, drug and alcohol abuse. The program aims to bring greater stability to the settlements through alternative social activity.


WASH4Sport program uses sport as a vehicle to affect sanitation and hygiene behaviour change.   Partners such as Coaches Across Continents (USA) and WASH UNITED (GER) provide sport-based interactive games, especially football, that use the power of play and fun to educate children and change behaviour around issues related to sanitation and hygiene.

Menstrual Hygiene and Management

Menstruation Hygiene and Management is part of the WASH4Sport that aims to promote menstrual hygiene management amongst girls through provision of sanitary pads, reusable sanitary pad workshops and information sessions.

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