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The subject of fundraising is always a priority for NGOs and non-profit organisations. The income generated through fundraising fuels the engine so that organisations can deliver their programs. And while many people debate the effectiveness of the various strategies and tactics to raise money through donors and supporters, FWB Kenya is encouraged by the innovative “social enterprise” businesses emerging in the development sector that provide organisations with a viable revenue stream.

The World Health Organisation  and UN have recognized chicken and pig farming as effective  small business industries  for overcoming malnutrition in poor communities and creating employment.
Greenhouse farming will be one of the income-generating projects we will do to provide the following benefits:
Providing training and employment to youth
Increasing revenue from greenhouse farming
Providing a value chain supply for tomatoes, carrots, kale, and dania
The FWB Socio-enterprise will look at diversifying revenue streams for the organization and securing long-term financial sustainability while creating employment opportunities for our youth


Greenhouse Farming